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Title Register

The Title Register document details the full ownership information for a property or piece of land.

The Title Register document may detail:

  • Title number
  • Owner
  • Tenure (freehold or leasehold)
  • Purchase price/value

Title Plan

The Title Plan document is another official document proving the extent of the property and is used by professionals and non-professionals alike.

The Title Plan document may detail:

  • Extent of property owned
  • General boundaries
  • Title number
  • Orientation & scale

Ownership Bundle

The Title Register and Title Plan are the official documents proving ownership (or non-ownership) of a property.

They are packed with information relating to ownership, tenure, purchase price, mortgages, date of purchase, easements and covenants. Read together, they contain all the information needed to prove ownership.

Map Search

For land and property without an address – quickly obtain Land Registry documents for any land or property without an address, such as fields, tracks, barns, roads and parcels of land.

Deed Search

A Deed Search will provide you with a copy of all the Conveyancing/transfer Deeds that are available for a particular property.

Flood Risk

The Flood Risk Indicator combines Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales flood data with HM Land Registry property data.

It provide customers with a high level indication of whether a piece of land is at risk of flooding.

Conveyance Deed

Previous to land registration the Conveyancing Deeds authenticated ownership of a property, but now the Title Register and Title Plan are used instead.

Nevertheless, Conveyancing Deeds still have their uses, and they contain substantial practical information. They sometimes have Deed Plans attached to them that provide even more worthwhile data.

Charge Deed

A Legal Charge or Charge Deed allows a lender to protect the money they have lent to an individual or company.

It is a legal document signed by the borrower which is registered against the property at the Land Registry to alert any potential buyer of the existence of the debt

Transfer Deed

A Transfer Deed is the document which transfers ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer.

Transfer Deed

A Transfer Deed is the document which transfers ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer.

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